Udayam Charitable Trust (UCT) is located in the NGO Cooperative colony, Trichy road, Dindigul is a Special School and Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs. It remains the hope of several hundreds of families and is indeed a home for these children who with their different abilities to make them self-reliant to carry out their daily chores and to gain a rightful place in the world filled with competition.

Udayam Charitable Trust working to create a positive and enduring change in the lives of children, families and communities living in abject poverty and undue inequality. Irrespective of religion, caste, creed, race, ethnicity or gender, UCT extends a helping hand to anyone and everyone who deserve it. With a wide network spanning 10 locations in India, UCT lends help through long-term sustainable community programs and immediate disaster relief assistance.


  • Social, structural and ecological surroundings: Environment
  • Opportunities for work and personal income: Employment
  • Education, understanding and knowledge: Enlightenment
  • Culture, tradition and happiness: Enjoyment
  • Initiatives, energies and power: Empowerment
  • Freedom, rights and equity: Entitlement


To build up UCT as a preferred centre of learning for the poorest of the poor Indigenous section of the society with a focus on formal education aimed at providing sustainable livelihood and scope for all-round development.


To eradicate poverty and empower the disadvantaged sections of the society through holistic education and providing them with sustainable livelihood.
To enable underprivileged people to join society’s mainstream though holistic education
To be a complete solution to pervasive poverty in the lowest strata of the society
To transform ‘liability’ into ‘ permanent asset’ and ‘tax consumers’ into ‘tax payers’ through holistic education.
To prepare underprivileged children and youth as ‘change agents’ for their community
To preserve tribal heritage, culture and values


a) Transparency
b) Honesty
c) Faith
d) Integrity
e) Discipline


Udayam Trust is committed to high standards of accountability and transparency which is an expression of our core value on 'stewardship'. This is because we fervently believe that we work effectively for the well-being of children. Udayam Trust continually strives to maintain high national and international standards of professional competence and is accountable through appropriate structures for achieving these standards.

We have our policies, procedures, systems, practices, work culture and audits well in place to reflect our commitment to accountability and transparency.

Udayam Trust endeavours to convey a public image that conforms to reality and speaks and acts with diligent honesty. With the power of the Almighty, we intend to pursue excellence beyond compliance, in all aspects of our work - In governance, management, operations and administration. Managing Trustee’s Message I am delighted to present this website, which encapsulates our contribution to the society and the result of our interventions - the empowerment reflected in the people.


Registered under Income Tax Exemption Under 12A, 80G, FCRA.
Registered Organisation Under National Trust and RPwD Act-2016.
Local Level Committee member under National Trust.
Registered under NGO Darpan and Guide star India